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Functional training club PIONEER

Клуб функционального тренинга PIONEER

CrossFit PIONEER is a specialized fitness and martial arts club!

The CrossFit PIONEER Sports Club is a club with a unique format. We specialize in the cutting edge CrossFit Fitness and the Martial Arts Club. In our opinion, these are the two most perfect systems that allow you to gain and maintain health, beauty and excellent physical shape throughout your life.

We offer:

  • CrossFit workouts
  • Functional training

We are on the Internet:

Phone: +7 (843) 239-39-53

г. Казань, ул. Ямашева, 115А, стадион, трибуна A, 8 подъезд, 1 этаж
пн-пт с 09.00 до 22.00, сб с 09.00 до 21:00, вс с 09.00 до 15:00